Hidden Rabbits

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“Hidden Rabbits” is a photography collection that combines fun and imagination. Local photographer Rabbit Ho takes a leap out of the rabbit hole for the first time and organizes various urban details he has observed during his city walks over the years, including buildings, signs, and wall calligraphy, with down-to-earth Cantonese narratives and an interesting experience of searching for rabbit footprints.

Hong Kong is a city full of visual impact. The densely packed skyscrapers, overwhelming advertisements, and textual messages can be overwhelming and mesmerizing. This collection gathers the Hong Kong textual landscapes that often go unnoticed in daily life but hold historical and cultural significance. Through Rabbit Ho’s unique perspective, old scenes are presented in a new way, showcasing the traces of time left on the cityscape. Hiuman Lam, the editor of the ‘Hong Kong Reminiscence’ forum dedicated to photographing and documenting Hong Kong’s cultural landscapes, provided many suggestions for the selection of materials in this photography collection based on her keen urban observations. To allow readers to appreciate these landscapes carefully, illustrator 盲公夫人 creates illustrations for this series, introducing three lost wild rabbits that travel from the past to the present. Searching for rabbit footprints in the photos is more than a game; it also allows the textures and details that are usually overlooked to emerge one by one as the eyes wander and explore.


Author:Rabbit Ho
Editor:Hiuman Lam
Publisher:artellex limited
Book Design:曦成製本


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